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riverflow counselling

holding space for you to
share, explore and process
whatever it is you need to 

Thank you for stopping by!

You have just taken an important step in your healing journey.


Whether this is your first stop to see if we offer what you are looking for, or you are simply curious, I would like to acknowledge that taking action and reaching out to talk to someone takes a lot of courage.


You may be:

  • feeling stuck, stressed, or overwhelmed;

  • wanting to make a change within yourself;

  • unsure how to cope or what to do about what's happening;

  • struggling with some past or present experiences that you would like support to unpack;

  • or would like to address any concerns regarding boundaries and communication,


I am here to help.

You are a river;

your flow is unstoppable

Nature has always helped guide us, so it's no surprise that we take inspiration from nature when we need it most. At Riverflow, we view life as a river; the circumstances we find ourselves cannot stop the flow of life.


When we look at a river, it is just "there".

We often do not see the current moving the water.


​The water that flows through a river constantly changes.

From one moment to the next, the water that passes through is no longer the same.

It's never the same, and it is never still.


​At times the flow can be slow, or sometimes it moves quickly.

Rocks and valleys in its path can bend and break the river, but the flow never stops.

The persistence of the river is what cuts through the rock.


Over time, a river can change its course.

As with Life, we can change our own course.

Riverflow believes every individual is capable of change, no matter what obstacles are in the way.

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